Top Popular Casino Winners that hit the jackpot

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Many people are really blessed as they can win big amount in casinos Top Popular Casino Winners that hit the jackpot. This can be amazing especially if you’re not aware how casino works. But, would you believe that many people become rich by just winning in the casinos. It’s because many people were playing in the casinos as a way of living. If this would happen to you, what would you do?

Everyone who walks through the doors of a casino is an optimistic state of mind. The promise to their self that they can walk out a winner is breathtaking and convince themselves that they can do better. But sometimes most gamblers walk out losers since every game is mathematically designed. The following people knew this and were determined to improve the situation. Whether it was through intelligence and cleverness they were not going to walk out of there without a large profit. They say that the house always wins and that you cannot trust your hard-earned money in the hands of casino dealers or worse, feed it to the slots.

Top Popular Casino Winners that hit the jackpot

Professional gambler as they may be called, but they gain their wins in a fair and legal way. If you’re interest about casino has flared up, then you should know first the people who are considered as big casino winners. This will give you idea how they become one and learn their gambling techniques.

  1. Archie Karas – when Karas started to venture in the casino of Las Vegas, he only have $50 in his wallet. But, when he played pool and poker he earned $17 million. He’s one of the top players that are difficult to beat not to mention the high stakes to beat.
  2. Edward O. Thorp – The gambling method that Thorp has been using is card counting. He’s a mathematics professor who knows nothing about casino, but became interested in blackjack when his friend brought him in Las Vegas. He learned and studied the techniques in gambling until he mastered it. The estimated amount of his casinos wins is about $5 million.
  3. Dominic LoRiggio – The highest earnings that he won in casino is approximately $500,000. The gambling method that he used is dice control and he’s considered as “The Dominator” and “The Man with Golden Arm”. He learned and mastered “controlled shooting” – an approach needed to win the crap game and get the rolls.
  4. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayos – He’s one of the big casino winners who had earned millions because of his technique used to have an advantage in gambling. He’s also the one who became successful in wheel bias and roulette. Before he started betting, he keenly observed and studied the spins of the wheel.
  5. Mike Ashley – Apparently, this guy is just lucky because he doesn’t master any gambling technique, but had earned millions and continuously earning big wins in casino. In fact, the first win that he earned was just for fun.
  6. Elmer Sherwin – Another lucky man and one of the big casino winners and considered as a mega-millionaire because of his wins and earnings from casino games. He’s really good and lucky in beating the odds, thus many gamblers envy him.

Those are some of the big casino winners known today, but surely there are others who won millions in casino. Winning big amount of money from casino can be overwhelming. But, as it is a gamble not all the time that player can expect winning the game. Top Popular Casino Winners that hit the jackpot This means that playing or gambling in casino isn’t for the faint-hearted. You should have courage, patience and of course money to sustain the game. Likewise, you should also know the right time to exit once you won a game.

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